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'a rag or a rip', 2021. Lecture-performance, 4:35 minutes.

Please click here for the transcript.

Description of main images:

The videos and images are shown in a landscape format, using split-screen (vertical & horizontal) and picture-in-picture effects.

  • Videos of a dull off-white wall, often with intense strips of shadow and light.

  • Scanned, close-up images of grey clay, showing dust and cracks. 

  • Screen-recordings and images of a scanned piece of mountboard with double-sided tape. Auburn threads and dust has stuck to the tape. It is discoloured due to age, deep yellow in places. The off-white outer boarder of the mountboard has old printed text which reads ‘872- - colour’.

  • Screen-recording of scanned clay image, showing a laptop cursor as it frantically scrolls around the grey, highly textured surface. The cursor often zooms in and out, changing pace frequently.  

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