Born in 1997 (Truro, Cornwall).

Multi-disciplinary research based practice -
sculpture, photography & musings centred upon ‘lump’. 

‘The lumps give up their lumphood, so to speak, before they can become the statue.’

In reading Theodore Scaltsas’ account of Aristotle’s Theory of Substratum, I encountered the term ‘lumphood’; curiously, the text provides no insight into this idea. Over the past four years I have been sifting through various texts which also utilise the word ‘lump’. From Marx’s lumpenproletariat to Virginia Woolf’s short stories, from parenting books to Biblical teachings, from Ontology to Oncology, a lump transcends disciplines and refuses classification. 

Lumps are not the same as ‘things’ or ‘objects’, nor can they be assimilated with ‘hunks’ or ‘blobs’. A lump occupies a space somewhere within latency or excess, within the outer limits of our recognition. Often understood as an indiscriminate piece of matter, I have come to realise that this term can act as a placeholder; a word that is uttered when the right word cannot be recalled. Lump creeps in without clear intention to denote a non-thing - unstable, uncomfortable, teetering at the edges. 


A lump tends to be without -
without recognisable form, without present purpose, without immediate function. 

The ‘lumpenpack’, ‘lumpensammler’ and ‘lumpig’ within the German language allude to refuge and scraps, that which is wretched or worthless. 

These thoughts fuel my making as the materials utilised are largely ‘waste’.The current climate crisis and ecological emergency reinforced this decision; such awareness urged my work to shift, it compelled me to consider how I might ‘make’ without putting strain on our environment -
the world is already so full of stuff, I need not make any more. 

Fundamentally, my praxis is attentive to found 'objects' and texts, concurrently. Damaged household items have become of interest; the past 'function' and 'purpose' is often lost - the object deactivated, opening up a rift for my interaction to take place.

I strip away appearances, exposing the essentially lumpen substances held within

2016-20  BA Fine Art (Int) at the University of Leeds, First Class. 
2018-19  Sculpture at HfBK Dresden.  

2020   Shortlisted for the FUAM Graduate Art Prize. 
2020   The Passey Prize in Art. 

2020   Shortlisted artist, 'Leeds Summer Group Show'. 
2020   Berkofsky Arts Award.
2020   Leeds Excellence in the Arts, Leeds.
2018   The Martin Kirby Prize.
2016   Willoughby Memorial Trust Art Competition

Aug 2020    North Leeds Life Magazine re: the FUAM Prize. 

Aug 2020    'Lump: Concept and Object', Haus-a-Rest.  
June 2020   'Displaced and Replaced' publication.
May 2020    a-n Degree Show Guide 2020. 
May 2019    ‘Penny Thoughts’ Issue 16, Manchester. 
April 2019   'nervously- i am inclined', zine distributed in Dresden. 

Oct 2020     Interviewed by OddBall Space.

Aug 2020    Artist participant, 'Unknown Communication'
July 2020    'Dementia and the Arts', UCL & Created Out of Mind. 
June 2020   'Simmer: Virtual Performances'.
May 2020    Interviewed by Sunny Bank Mills.  

May 2020    The Record Covid-19 Project.
April 2020   Online Residency at ORBIT.
May 2018   'Operatunity', Griselda Pollock & Sam Belinfante. 
Feb 2018    'Undergraduate Research Experience', Leeds. 
Sept 2016-  'Lumphood', self-directed ongoing exploration of 'lump'.


Oct 2020    Virtual FUAM Graduate Art Prize Exhibition 2020.
Sept 2020   'Obscurum', The Dark Collective, (online).  
Aug 2020   'So Why Not Do It Again?', Cultivate, London.
July 2020   'Sydenham Arts Artist Trail 2020', Sydenham, London. 
July 2020   'Leeds Summer Group Show'.
June 2020  'Simmer' Degree Show 2020, University of Leeds.
Mar 2020   'Ones to Watch', Sunny Bank Mills, Farsley.
Mar 2020   'Untitled', The Brunswick, Leeds.
Dec 2019   'Digest', The Faversham, Leeds.
Oct 2019    'HomeTurf', Chemistry Basement, Leeds.
Aug 2019   'An arm 'nd a leg', Freehold Projects, Leeds.
Jun 2019    'Das Leben ist Kein Ponyhof', Dresden. 
Jan 2019    ‘Be Our Guest’, Brülsche Terrasse, Dresden. 
April 2018   'AXIS', Left Bank Leeds. 
May 2017    'Morphic', Lady Beck Studios, Leeds.


Oct 2020    DoItYourWay, Instagram platform. 
July 2020    FUAM Graduate Art Prize

July 2020    FUAM Graduate Art Prize Announcement

June 2020   AxisWeb ‘New Arts Highlight’
June 2020   CoVid Cohort

May 2020    Ones to Watch 2020 feature article

April 2020   @sadgrads2020, Instagram platform
April 2020   The Social Distance Art Project
April 2020   @lighthouse.collab, Instagram platform 
Sept 2019   Freehold Projects

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