Texts on Lump

Every lump stems from research - a reading, or compilation of readings.

articles, parables, novels, essays, poems, papers - 

I have recently been considering how such readings may become a work (a lump) within themselves.

My reading of each text varies, largely just browsing - drawn to how 'lump' occurs, how 'lump' has been situated.

I lift the page that contains 'lump':
   seizing, pilfering, claiming it 

decontextualising, isolating - and then reappropriating, reimagining 

I read around 'lump', and so my edits manifest this - making my thinking evident

Side-by-sides seem to present this activity with clarity - yet I am uncertain exactly how these edits might position themselves - 

    printed as a stack, a mound, a long stream,
unbound within a cover, A4? to be read? or to be viewed?

 Importantly, the texts are a found material;

my treatment of them is akin to my treatment of found objects -

the original typeset remains but is

spliced, cut, blocked out
      - the appearance is shifted 

The texts can still be read, but not as they were intended; the original purpose and function removed 

- they become lumpen.