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A proposal:

Imagine two void spaces

Both spaces without windows: uniform illumination is achieved via inset overhead light sources 

One space is smaller, one space is larger - both connected by a 1.6m wide 'doorway' that is without door

Both spaces are without corners or seams - both with gradual, sweeping edges connecting floor/wall/ceiling

You first enter the larger space - through a 1.6m doorway (with door)

You are faced with an image of The White Cube

It is nailed, floor to ceiling, onto a wall

A person presents you with a handheld audio device with headphones, a braille handout or is able to sign BSL

The above lecture is cited as you are conscious of The White Cube image 

This image provides the appearance of non-neutral space, within the void space

The lecture concludes, you proceed through the 1.6m doorway into the smaller space 

It is here that you view the lumps.

'no copyright infringement is intended'

'no copyright infringement is intended’, 2020. Lecture-performance disseminated via audio-visual, 8.08 minutes. 

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