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Miss Muffet should not be subjected, 2020. Telephone table and digital print, 36 x 48.2 x 106 cm.

Instinctively unscrewed her leg and replaced that leg with an image -

The print held in place by wedging it beneath the 'outstanding' (lol), remaining legs. Unstable, teetering, a 'thing'/'non-thing' (that is not a 'nothing', but not just 'anything') existing within a lumpen space.

'far from being lumpy [but] lumplike' -
the act of replacing leg (object) with leg (image) furthers the lack of 'purpose'; she can no longer function, not even as a nondescript tuffet.

The positioning of the leg (image) is arbitrary as regardless of placement, it will not function as leg (object) would - thus deactivated, appearance shifted

uncomfortable - lumplike. 

Rough studio pic - taken for reference, not brought to complete fruition, left in lockdown.

A 'work-in-progress' that is no longer 'in process' but in waiting, in limbo - conveniently reinforcing the implications of 'lumphood' & lump modality, with links to a Marxist reading of 'the lumpen'. 

a sticker beneath her reads:
'Miss Muffet Telephone Seat Table'
'WARNING:- To avoid damage this pouffe should not be subjected to direct heat from gas, electric or open fires'

Considering how 'an object can be Lumpl's lump counterpart'.
Miss Muffet was without readily recognisable purpose, waiting - redundant. 

She has fallen into disuse, no longer needed. 
Given this status (inherently lumpen) I wanted to work with her in a way that wasn't intrusive (emphasis on working 'with', a process of give-and-take) - limited interference.

Photographing details prior to working with; a means of foregrounding nuances.

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